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Have you ever noticed someone’s drapery and wondered how they look so perfectly tailored? There is a chance they may be using pinch-pleats. This type of drapery has become quite the popular choice to finish off the top of the drapery to create a look that appears immaculately tailored.

For those looking to add timelessly dramatic flair to the room, pinch-pleated drapery is fantastic. The drapes earn their name for an obvious reason: look closely and you’ll notice they are indeed pinched together! Look closer and you’ll also notice they’re evenly divided and they are weighted near the seam bottoms, two details that factor heavily into the tailored look near the top while “falling” elegantly towards the bottom.

There are a few different ways to choose your pinch-pleated drapery. The most popular of the bunch is three-finger pinch pleats which, when open, almost look like flowers. The two-finger pinch pleat involves less fabric but still maintains a modern look. You can even opt for four and five pleated drapery if you wish.

If you’re interested in pinch-pleated drapery or other window treatments such as rolling shades, contact us today.

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