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Call For Your Free Quote: (786) 663-8643

Drapery, plantation shutters, window treatment options are aplenty. The sheer amount of options can be daunting for new homeowners or interior decorators just getting their feet wet. It is important to make the right choices as window treatments will affect the look and feel of a space.

One of the easiest ways to begin making the right choice is by having a clear goal for your window treatments in mind. Are you aiming to illuminate a room with natural light? Is privacy more your concern? There are many different window treatments available and some of these may work better than others depending on what your intentions are.

Let’s examine something like semi-sheer window treatments, for instance. These will brighten a room with lots of natural light but they won’t do much when it comes to privacy. Hence, these may work better in a room where people typically gather such as a dining or living room. You could also pair up semi-sheer window treatments with another type of covering to add a layer of privacy.

The bedroom is probably a room where privacy is strongly desired. This doesn’t mean you can’t opt for something that also lets some light come in. You can go with something like functional curtain panels or cellular shades, the latter available with the option of fabric or hard varieties.

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