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A new year is approaching, which means 365 days to add some new touches to the home with new window treatments. Considering how many years window treatments can last, however, how do you know it’s time to replace them? Here are a few indicators you can use as a guide to determine whether 2019 is the year to upgrade.

Discolored or yellow blinds and slats. Due to sun exposure, it’s not unusual for blinds to fade over time. If your blinds were purchased many years ago, today’s modern blinds are much better able to protect from UV rays. Keep in mind that fading and yellowing also mean the blinds may be losing their structural integrity.

Slats that are bending or warping. Window treatments such as faux wood blinds may warp over time for similar reasons as those mentioned above: the sun. If several slats have received heat exposure and have warped, it may be a wiser investment to replace the blinds entirely versus having them repaired.

Difficulty raising blinds. Does it seem like your blinds are resisting being raised? It could be that the mechanism used to raise it has been damaged, which is easier to unintentionally do than you might think.

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