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Call For Your Free Quote: (786) 663-8643

For durability, insulation, and privacy, aluminum blinds are a practical option that can also keep sunlight from entering a room. To ensure they maintain their good looks, it’s important to ensure they remain clean. How should you go about this?

Do an inspection. Before cleaning anything, check the blinds to see just how much they need to be cleaned. If there is only light dust, a quick spot cleaning will likely do the job.

Follow the instructions. Each aluminum blind manufacturer has its own instructions when it comes to cleaning and caring for the blinds. While these blinds are known for their durability, you don’t want to accidentally use a chemical on them that will cause the metal to strip away or lead to discoloration. In fact, a quick spot test in an area that’s not easily visible might be a good idea.

Do the cleaning. Before using any chemicals, you may wish to start by using a feather duster to get rid of dirt or surface dust. A soft brush such as the ones used in vacuums is also a good idea for those nooks and crannies. If heavier duty cleaning is necessary, try a warm water sponge and mild soap or detergent, but don’t apply too much pressure as you don’t want them to bend or worse, break. Make sure that any moisture left by the sponge is wiped away.

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