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Call For Your Free Quote: (786) 663-8643


There truly is nothing like being outdoors in the middle of nature. The pleasing sounds of the various fauna, the gentle breeze, a perfect outside setting is a great way to spend the day or a great view to admire from your home. With so much natural light, having the right window covering can help with protecting your home or patio from UV rays. It can also add some privacy to your outdoor setting when you have guests over or if you are having an intimate brunch, for instance. To help you with creating the best outdoor setting, we have several different options.

Roller shades are a simple solution to protect your patio intentionally designed to withstand the elements. Changes in temperature, moisture, or wind will not affect these shades which not only protect the patio but also a touch of attractive décor. Retractable awnings attach to the roof and easily create shade at the touch of a button. Outdoor window coverings are an immaculate fusion of form and function that will add just the right touch of personality and privacy to your outdoor space whether it’s your own private yard, a courtyard, or an outdoor common area in a commercial building.

Sophie Blinds provides these awnings and shades with motorization options for easy operation. Contact us today to learn more about the multitude of options, our top-notch service, and our professional installation services.

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