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For those that like to give their home a distinct look, indoor window treatments such as faux wood plantation shutters definitely make a bold statement. Insulation, privacy, light control, these shutters deliver a great look that stands out from the standard window blinds or shades. So, why should you consider them?

Ease of installation. Genuine wood shutters are great but the weight can make them challenging to install. With faux wood shutters, the ease of installation is made much easier, no matter the size or the necessary height required for mounting.

Durability. A lot of different finishes and chemicals are utilized with real wood shutters in order to protect them from the elements. However, like any wood, they are susceptible to eventual wear. With faux wood, the strength and durability is greater and they are highly resistant to warping. Additionally, they are also resistant to fading and scratching.

Waterproofing. Speaking of the elements, water is arguably the mortal enemy of wood. Even wood that has undergone treatment is susceptible to the effects of the elements like fading if it receives water exposure. Hence, cleaning real wood shutters with water is a big no-no and you may also have to worry about rain.

Real wood window treatments certainly have their advantages but faux wood is clearly another great option to consider.

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