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Homeowners seeking to give their residence a unique charm when it comes to its appearance are probably quite fond of indoor shutters. Though they’re typically associated with the home’s exterior, they can also add to the indoor décor of the home as well as offer insulation, privacy, and light control similar to shades and blinds.

If you’re considering faux wood shutters for your home, there are several advantages to using them over real wood. Let’s explore a couple of reasons why they may work for your home.

Installation and durability. Real wood shutters are dazzling to the eye, but they can be quite heavy, which means installing them is harder than it should be. Faux wood shutters look good and are also lightweight, which makes them easy to mount. Faux wood shutters are also designed to withstand the test of time and they are resistant to scratches.

Waterproofing. If you know anything about wood, you’re likely aware that it does not do well when exposed to water, potentially warping or even rotting. Faux wood works well if you’re installing it in a room where there may be lots of humidity, for example.

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