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With so many window treatment options, there may appear to be similar qualities among them when they actually have fundamental differences. Let’s use solar and roller shades, for example. Do you know the differences between these?

To put it simply, roller shades are window treatments that use a solid sheet of material and a roller function versus having veins or slats. This material is rolled up or down to achieve the desired amount of window privacy thanks to its solid design. With their simple design, sleek look, and budget-friendly price, there is a world of possibilities when it comes to customizing them.

Solar shades do share similar characteristics with roller shades in that they lack veins or slats and they also use a sheet of material to cover up a window using a roller function. However, these window treatments typically have higher prices than roller shades because of the material used in these sheets which creates a degree of transparency. While roller shades block out light, solar shades allow you to see through them while blocking out strong UV rays, allowing you to regulate the room temperature. As for the material, solar shades are largely available in neutral colors.

While there are additional differences between solar and roller shades, this should give you a better idea of how these popular window treatments differ.

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