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Call For Your Free Quote: (954) 406-4810

The right window treatment can add a wonderful finishing touch to a room that will bring all of the elements together. In fact, if the architecture leaves something to be desired the right window treatments can suffice. To give you some ideas on how to dress your windows consider the following tips.

Less may be more. The window treatments you decide on will typically come into play near the end of a room decoration project. Whatever you ultimately decide can, therefore, create a certain mood or give off a certain message. If you’re aiming for a modern yet formal living room, you may want to use light-colored curtains free of patterns. A child’s room, on the other hand, can be livened up with the use of patterns.

Add a tinge of decoration. Let’s say you plan on using curtains for your windows. By sticking to lengths that are a little longer than the size of the window, you can a create a sweeping, dramatic look. Neutral linen drapery can also add a nice touch to your existing décor without overdoing it.

Make the most in limited space. If your window is small and the views aren’t anything special, full drapes that are larger than the window can dramatically spruce them up as long as you’re using colors that match with the rest of the room.

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