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Call For Your Free Quote: (786) 663-8643

Window treatments like shades and blinds might not feel like a priority for your house, but blinds and shades can be a great way to add fashion and flair to an otherwise boring room. Not to mention, they’re useful for getting privacy and darkness. Here are a couple window treatments to think about:

Blinds are usually made of wood, faux-wood, or metal. They’re very functional and are probably best for privacy. They’re also better than shades at blocking out the light. Blinds are also rarely      motorized. People often disregard blinds because they feel like a decoration, but they’re your best bet for privacy and light control.

Shades are made of fabric, unlike blinds. They’re great for saving money on your energy bill. The more layers you’ve got, the better your energy bill will look at the end of every month. Shades also have more forms than blinds, such as roller form, Roman form, or cellular form.

Drapery is another option. They can be much bigger than shades or blinds, but they’re more fashionable than the other two options. Drapery can come in dozens of many patterns and colors. If you’re looking for something to tie the room together, then consider drapes.

As you can see, window treatments are important for many reasons. Don’t treat them as an afterthought.

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