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Call For Your Free Quote: (786) 663-8643

With all the window covering options out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. If you’re looking for drapery, then Sophie Blinds has two wonderful choices that can both brighten up any room. But choosing between them can be difficult.

The pinch pleated drapes are pinched at the top, where the drapery rod connects with the wall. This is a classic, sophisticated look that you can’t go wrong with. These drapes also have a lot of options for color. If you want a softer, more neutral tone, or a bright, eye-catching tone, then Sophie Blinds can supply it to you.

The rippled fold drapes are great for complete blackout. If privacy means a lot to you, then you should consider these drapes. The cloth of these drapes looks wavy, which helps it look elegant. The ripples are on both sides of the drapes, so they look elegant from either side. These drapes are best for privacy and style.

These drapes would be a great addition to your rooms. Learn more about them here:

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